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Welcome to the new McCreary Genealogy Forum!

Posted by Site Administrator on 09/02/2014

Hello and welcome to the new McCreary / McCrary / McCreery / etc. genealogy forum.

It may take some time for this forum to become as fully established as the previous GenForum, but please don't hesitate to post here due to a lack of activity. My hope is that this forum will serve as a vital resource in our research efforts and continue to enable us to make connections that might not be possible otherwise. Your contributions will help greatly to promote the use and success of this forum, for the benefit of all of our family researchers.

Thanks and good luck!

Reply by KATHLEEN CODY on 02/02/2015

Thank you for the chance to find some McCreery folks! Appreciate it, Kathy Cody

Reply by Dee Mayberry on 05/28/2015

Is the old forum archived? I would like to be able to research there as well. i had previously saved many of those messages and some of them have a number to refer back to.

Dee Mayberry

Reply by Site Administrator on 05/28/2015

Hi Dee,

A chronological list of every post from all three of the old message boards can be found here:

Or to see all of the posts from just one of the boards (though they are no longer in their proper order) go to:

There is still a search function for those boards, or if you know the post number and which board it belonged to, just replace the number 1057 below with your post number to access it directly: